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Friday, 24 February 2012

this week at the Op Shops

girl's skirt, $1

vintage rose notepaper set, still in the original packaging, $1

2-piece men's suit, pure Australian wool, fancy-pants Studio Italia label, minor repair needed (one trouser leg hem), $2

pure linen, pure classic kitsch Tasmania tablecloth, $1. This is the gem that made it worth getting dressed and out the door this morning. I think it deserves full-scale wall-hanging glory.

tie-dye summer dress, $1. This one actually fits me - it's going straight into the maroon dyepot.

bird print black t-shirt, $1

Capture sundress, $1

random piece of gorgeous chiffon, $1

japanese-style small bowl, embroidered doily, woven cane platter, $2 each

stunning yellow floral woven single-bed bedspread, $3

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  1. The Japanese bowl is ever so pretty!

    Jem xXx