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Sunday, 26 February 2012

the Maroonification of the Lady's Wardrobe

Remember this sweet tie-dyed summer dress I found on Friday? I'll put the picture in here again for a more effective before-and-after presentation.

It went for a swim in the dyepot yesterday.

This excellent pot used to be my Nana's, but she doesn't make individual steamed fruit puddings for Christmas anymore. Good on you Nan. I never thought much of that peculiar Australian custom of making a hot lunch with all the trappings in the middle of summer.

Then, this morning, it was a quick spin through the washing machine (where, I must say, my homemade laundry powder is performing admirably), and straight into service as my new summer dress. I actually didn't even wait for it to dry. It's 34 degrees C here - nasty! Damp clothes are a bonus on a day like today.

It's interesting how the maroon dye all but completely covered up the tie-dye pattern. Usually, if I dye something printed or patterned, the pattern will still be visible, but the colours all shifted to a shade of maroon. Dyepots are good at providing surprises.

While I had the dyepot going, I created this little trio of wardrobe basics.

Shirt - pure linen, Westco label, was biege-cream coloured.
Singlet - cotton, sussan label, was medium brown.
Skirt - cotton, Brown Sugar label, was neutral grey/taupe/mushroom coloured.
I paid $1 each for these pieces at the op shop.

This is how I manage to wear maroon all the time.


  1. you're brave! it looks fantastic! and 34!! yuk!

  2. Fabulous project. Never thought of dyeing the items I thrifted.