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Saturday, 18 February 2012

on my desk today

I made a dreamcatcher today. It's something that I've never done before.  I've never used a dreamcatcher myself before, either, but I wanted to make one for a friend who is troubled by nightmares. I find it hard to do something that I'm not already sure I know I can do well. I put it off for quite a while, and had it in my mind to focus on starting it today. I started by writing in my journal about it, and once I identified and named the 'Not Good Enough' fear-thoughts, resistance melted and I was off with needle and thread.

Technique was another matter. Someone did show me how to make dreamcatchers once - about 13 years ago. But it was enough to start playing around with it. I started off much too loose and loopy but worked it out somewhere in the middle. I believe a messy dreamcatcher will likely work as well as a neat one.

It just needs some dangly bits coming down. I want to use little bunches of eucalyptus leaves. A short Walking Adventure shall be in order tomorrow. I'm surrounded by a jungle of fruit trees here, but I've just suddenly noticed that there's not a gum tree anywhere on the block.

Also visible in the top part of the picture is my 'goddess top,' a t-shirt I found in an op shop in Hobart in 2001 and has been altered in stages ever since. It got a few stitches today as well.

It gives me satisfaction-feelings, to look at the stitches, the work I have made.

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