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Sunday, 19 February 2012

of Popping Poppies and Stout Sprouts

One of the things I love about my overgrown jungle of a backyard is that so often there is something new to discover. Maybe the results of my own efforts in the garden, maybe a wild surprise, maybe the work of the assorted wildlife with whom we share our little patch called home.

This morning I wrote in my journal, along with notes to self to buy vinegar and other such mundane musings, the following sentence -
There are self-seeded poppy seedlings popping up.
Wow. Isn't that just such a cute little sentence. I had to stop and marvel a little at the spontaneous alliteration. Try saying it five times, fast.

So let's have a look at the events which led to its creation.

I planted some California Poppy seeds, just a cheap packet from the $2 shops, in August last year. They performed most impressively, though I was a little disappointed that all the flowers it produced were yellow. The seed packet had promised me 'a variety of colours.' See now, if I'd only planted the seeds and watched them grow, without reading their packet, I would have loved them with a marvel untainted by unmet expectations. Here they are, leaning forward to compete with the mint for the front of the garden bed. The thyme at the back is clearly of a much more reserved nature.

They grew vigorously, and I wondered if they would self-seed. That question was answered on this morning's nature walk (which is all of 10 metres or so long... not exactly a hike but, oh my, so rich in surprises and nature's wonders) when I noticed a couple of dozen of these little babies just short distances from the parent plants.

I have visions of dynasties of yellow California poppies, residing proudly in this garden bed for generations to come.

Greetings and salutations are also due to the sprouting potatoes, which I just put into the ground last week, during the third quarter of the moon (for root vegetables). This patch of earth was bare since being cleared of onion weed. The potatoes were just from a randomly chosen bag in the shops - but oh they were such lovely potatoes, perfectly firm and round and cooking up to the perfect fluffiness. Blessings on your growing, dear sprouting potatoes!

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