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Saturday, 28 July 2012

of Winter Warmth and Feline Friends

The attentive follower may have noticed that things have been a little quiet lately here at The Maroon Diaries. I am very pleased to report that this lapse in blogging was not due to any health problems or techno-avoidance issues. Rather, I've actually been busy HAVING A LIFE. Yay for Lady Demelza!

The Maroon Household made a collective decision to go North for the winter. This is wonderful for me as it means staying with my darling goddessdaughter Littletree, whom I adore more than life itself. The climate is the wonderful thing for Mr. CJ. With many of his health problems being arthritis-related, July and August can be a pretty miserable time for him. Up here, he gets to hang out on a sunny verandah rather than huddle by the fire... while I complain about the unreasonable heat. Yes, I am very sad to be missing out on the winter... but I have lots of happy distractions here to make up for it.

I wish I could find a way to explain and express just how awesome and amazing Littletree is, but I just can't. She so often has me speechless. But here's a little something that might give you a hint.

Littletree would love to have a pet, of course, but such companions are not so practical for a frequently-travelling family such as hers. She has to make do with enjoying the attentions of the various pets that belong to other people in her community, and sometimes come to visit. That's how she came to develop such a bond with Boo-Boo the cat. I'm so glad Boo-Boo's mum had a camera on hand to capture this.

Kids will often do little play-acting and role-playing skits like this in their play time. But I really don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this. She absolutely becomes Molly the Cat, and sometimes she and Boo-Boo are perfect mirror images. I'm just astounded.

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  1. but really, what less could you expect from a girl who has you for a goddessmother?!