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Thursday, 12 July 2012

of the Grey Zippered Slip, and What Became of It

I started off with this grey slip of a dress, found in the op shop for $1. It's a lovely soft grey marle, and I saw potential for a slip or nightdress worthy of the Maroon Wardrobe. Someone thought they were so cool and clever and punk when they decided to add that short black zip to the neckline with the working on the wrong side and the zip so prominently exposed. I beg to differ.

It also features this darling logo that indicates the size printed inside the back. Yes, it's printed on the inside, so no-one will see it, but I will know that it is there.

First, I dyed the whole thing maroon. Duh. My intention was then to replace the zip with a strip of lace, and to add to the length by adding some doilies at the hem. I hadn't gotten any further than intending such when I wore this piece, layered over a longer tiered skirt, on my trip to Fingal Head with Majikfaerie and Littletree. During our picnic lunch, Majikfaerie suddenly started a bit and said 'Did you put that zip on there yourself?' in something like disbelief. She had noticed how obviously wrong it was. Well you can rest assured now, dear Majikfaerie. I have resolved the situation and removed the zip. The most common form lace comes in in my house is the doilies that I collect in the op shops and then dye with the leftover dye when I dye clothes. So I just found one that was the right length and stitched it in place. Yes that is just a hint of see-through-y-ness along the slit in the fabric where the zip had been inserted. Ooh la la.

Handling the fabric while working on the insert, I realised how very fine and delicate this soft cotton knit is, and that it probably wouldn't hold up well to extra weight being added to the hem. So I abandoned the idea of the lacy doily hem and left well enough alone. And... voila!


  1. thats great...i also like reddish colour but i also like grey.may i ask?how to dye that? dip it into the coloured water or what ?:/