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Monday, 5 August 2013

of the Return of the Prodigal Blogger, and What She Learnt in the Wilderness

Aye, and I've been a terrible bad, bad blogger again.

Not only that. It's worse this time. Not only did I stop blogging again, but this time I stopped following the blogs I love, as well.

And now I know. Life is less without blogging. I miss it terribly.

So, what the hell happened, Lady Demelza, to get yourself into such a state?

Ah, well, that's where the exciting news comes in. I left off blogging when I got too busy with the mission of moving house. This is where I live now.

It's so beautiful I could just burst.

I started out with the best of intentions, and a long list of half-finished draft posts that I intended to keep me going through the busy move. But the process of packing, sorting, cleaning and moving proved more than I could handle as it was. The digital world seemed less relevant as the physical world became so very full and demanding. Then I arrived, and as fate would have it, there were some 'issues' with the Internet connection at first. I fell further and further behind in the worlds of my beloved bloggers. It was too easy to think it was just too hard to catch up again, and there were so many new things to enthrall my attention.

Eventually the buzz subsided, and I came to notice their absence. I came to realise what I had lost.

Not lost, though, of course. It's all right here at my fingertips.

I love you and I missed you all, dear blog friends. I have so much to tell you. And I will, because now I know what it costs me when I don't.


  1. I too have taken a sabbatical from blogging. I'm moving too, so huzzah on that, I'm looking forward to being in that same "new house" space as you!

  2. Welcome back Lady. I was wondering why didn't you post anything for a long time. Nice to know you got new house. Looking forward for it