You don't have to understand the world. You just have to find your own way around in it. - Albert Einstein

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Around the Traps

As I surf and stumble around these here Internets, I find things. Sometimes, I find extraordinary things, ridiculously beautiful things, and things that can change the way you see the world. Sometimes, my heart leaps, or a shiver goes down my spine. I want to share these things with you. Here are some that I've come across lately.

* Oh, how I would love one of these real-life hobbit houses.

* An anatomically accurate kimono called Silk Me Back.

* A lesson in perspective from children not looking at modern art.

* A beautiful short film (just under 10 minutes) called The Invention of Love by Andrey Sushkov.

* The actions and words of one awesome kid brought tears to my eyes. And again when I read it through a second time. Bonus points to the awesome parents for supporting him to do this. Could there be hope for humanity yet?

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