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Thursday, 31 May 2012

of things that grow in the Dark of the Earth, in spite of Persistent Aerial Attacks

Some time ago, probably close to a year ago now, I put some sprouting potatoes into my garden, just to see what would happen. The most likely outcome, I figured, would be that anything that grew would be eaten by our rabid backyard wildlife... and I was right, but not completely.

First, the sprouts grew into handsome little potato plants. They were looking so healthy and robust - and then one day they weren't there anymore. Yes, munched right off. I strongly suspect the possum was responsible, but I don't actually have an eyewitness account of the incident so I will refrain from making a formal allegation. Time went on, the sun shone and the rains fell - and the potato plants sprouted back up again. They would get to a respectable size and then be mercilessly devoured down to the ground. After this went on for a while, the sprouts stopped coming back up, and I figured that was the end of that little experiment. I got quite a surprise, some months later, when the sprouts reappeared. However, the same cycle of growth-and-destruction went on, and in the meantime I had put in a new potato bed, this one located further off the possum's usual pathways.

I had no idea what might come up if I dug up my experimental, stunted potatoes... but I found out yesterday when I decided to put the worm farm in that spot.

Oh, how cute! The tiny little baby ones, and the little white globes that would have grown up to become potatoes one day, had fate unfolded a little differently for these particular individuals. I can even see the two different kinds of potatoes I had put in - some red and some white.

I am so inspired and have great hopes for my future in potato cultivation.

I also put some chives seedlings in the garden this evening. They are a pretty safe bet - Possum turns his nose up at the onion family.

And it's only just now occurred to me the disasters which might befall the worm farm if the possum takes a notion to having a look what's inside. Hmm. I'm going to put a couple of heavy bricks on the lid right now, just in case.

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