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Saturday, 21 April 2012

of an Uninvited Midnight Visitor

I'm talking about the possum. But if the possum could blog, he would probably be complaining about me being the unwelcome intruder. It depends on your point of view.

This feller here is the current resident of the Possum Hilton, which is a really, really big tree just behind my house. It really is an unusually large and opulent tree for such a densely built-up residential area, standing around 20m high and quite broad too, and makes a damn fine piece of real estate for the modern urban possum.

He has a real personality, this cheeky little bugger, he does. He makes it quite clear that the backyard belongs to him, not us, and is the reason why the biodiversity of my vege garden is limited to onions. He loves having his photo taken, and he's also quite good at impersonations. His favourite is the one where he sounds just like a crazed methamphetamine addict who is trying to break into the house by tearing the tin sheeting off the roof.


  1. How cute, i shoul love to meet this visitor . Are they friendly creatures? Ruthie

  2. Dear Ruthie, thank you for your question. I tried to answer it here in a comments box but the Ways of the Possum are complex and I soon found I needed a whole new blog post to do your question justice. Watch this space for The Truth about Possums - coming soon to a screen near you.

  3. Lol, I shall watch & wait ~ thank you ;-)