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Friday, 25 January 2013

of Treasure Found - at the Op Shops

Some beautiful things that I've found at the op shops today, or lately, or maybe a while ago. The point is, I got around to taking photos of them.

A set of art cards with artwork by Sandy Mein, copyright 1992, made in Australia, printed on 100% recycled paper. $2.

Floral print cushion with velvet trim, $2.

This delightful, charmingly vintage set of picture puzzle blocks. $2.

Goldilocks blocks. Goldiblocks?

The contents are complete and in wonderful condition. Six different images can be made from the six sides of each block arranged together.

Lovely maroonish handbags. Left, by Olga Berg, right, by Modapelle, $3 each.

I have to show you the detail of the embossing on this one.

The contents of this little ceramic bowl are guarded by a ring of six pixies. $5.

Each little handcrafted pixie face has its own personality. Sometimes I wonder if a couple of those personalities might not be a bit creepy, actually.

Trio of amethyst glass vases, up to $3.50 each.


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