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Sunday, 30 September 2012

of the Garden, and what it's been up to while I was away

It was wonderful to come home. I love this house so much. And the garden - well, the garden has a life of its own and has had its adventures during  my absence.

The fruit trees, including the enormous cherry plum, have had their blossoms come and go - I missed the bridal shower breezes of the early spring. I missed a terrific storm, I hear, and a season of cold, bitter winds.

Thanks to the attentions of my neighbour the compulsive gardener, the backyard was cleaned up within an inch of its life, and my herb garden - that is to say, the Garden of Things that are Undesirable to Possums - was blooming extravagently. The California Poppies in particular had advanced in their efforts for world domination and had to be thinned out considerably in order to reveal the beautiful herb garden that has developed out of my truce with the possum. I transplanted some into pots so they can go live in my mother's garden.

This rosemary was just a tiny cutting when it first came here - and now look, it's grown into decent, respectably prominent shrub.

The lemon balm and the mint have grown rampant and are begging out to be harvested. It's always nice to have fresh herbs for a herbal tea, but I feel inspired to look at making some syrup or tincture, something a bit more adventurous and Crafty.

This was my special bonus surprise - an experimental broccoli seedling has yielded a lovely little head!

And how did the possum miss that one, you might ask? Well, that was the strategy of my experiment. I planted the seedlings below the extremely aggressive and unfriendly spikes of this palm.

I found some breathtakingly stunning colours in the geranium foliage.

The rose bush had been neglected and was overdue for its winter prune. I set right to cutting it back, and suddenly realised that I had been given a beautiful rosewood wand.

And it's been raining. I feel like I'm starting to breathe again.

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