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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

my Peppermint Winter Wishlist

It's that special time again - the seasons turn, and each one brings a new issue of Peppermint.

It's not the sort of thing I indulge in much anymore, now that I have eschewed consumerism and devoted myself to thrift and recycling - making a 'material' wishlist like the ones we would start working on as christmas and birthdays approached when we were kids. But seeing as everything in Peppermint magazine is respectably sustainable and environmentally friendly, I shall let my imagination wander to an alternative universe where money isn't an issue, or where Santa Claus really does deliver. I really have been good this year...

* some of these socks. Extra long, and named after a Fire Goddess - oh, yes, they will keep me warm through winter.

* a pair of shoes like these. Yes, he can make them in maroon.

* a gorgeous animal costume jacket from this etsy shop. I realise these are not available in my size, let alone my colour. But I could give one to some appropriately-sized little munchkin - friends and family are always producing plenty of these - and then just bask in the joy of how cute it looks.

* this mineral mascara.

* some lovely virgin coconut oil for my home made body products.

* a trip to Sydney to see this exhibition at the Australian Museum.

However, I can get some instant gratification! I found a wonderful blog that I have started following - check out My New Roots for fabulous, yummy wholefood recipes.


  1. Next time I see you I will try to bring you a jar of my favourite coconut oil. I also have a lovely hair mask on that is sweet almond oil, olive oil & coconut oil. I will bring you a little pesto jar full if you want? I also just ordered some beeswax so I can make my own cold cream - fingers crossed it works.

  2. Oh and thanks for a link to the Deep Oceans exhibit...we should be in Sydney while it is on YAY. If you go overnight on the country link train (we have done leaves Melbourne 8pm, arrives Sydney 7am and vice versa) and the formule 1 motel (about a 15 minute walk from the museum in a straight line) is $79 for a room for a mid week overnight. Though Tiger Airways flys almost the same price as the train for $39.95 each way. If you are clever you can do it in one day and avoid the hotel.

  3. I've not tried Dr. Bronner's coconut oil, but lately I am so ridiculously into Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that I've be come downright evangelical about it. It is WORTH the money. I've been eating it, cooking it, and using it for a moisturizer, and I can't say enough glowing things about it. (And yes, my skin is glowing!)