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Saturday, 10 March 2012

my Favourite Things - Peppermint magazine

Today is a very special day on the Lady Demelza calendar. It comes but four times a year and each is awaited with great anticipation and welcomed with delight. No, it's not a holiday, or a religious festival, or any such thing so profound. It's the day I get my copy of the new issue of Peppermint magazine.

I couldn't rave enough about Peppermint magazine. With a totally green focus, this publication is devoted to living fashionably and sustainably. Recycling, thrifting, handcrafting, fair trade industry practises, the environmental impact of fabric and clothing production, organics and health - this magazine will leave you thinking twice about that made-in-China t-shirt on sale for $2.99, and inspired anew, as the articles don't just bitch about the state of things, but also offer realistic and positive alternatives and suggestions.

As a recovering magazine-aholic, I used to spend some time poring over high fashion magazines. It was wonderfully inspiring and I learned so much about fashion, design and clothing production - but the emaciated models, the garish make-up, the exploitation inherent in the industry, the insidious indoctrination of consumerist ideals - ugh.

I started my Peppermint collection with the third issue. It remains my favourite issue to this day, around three years later. I was going through some really difficult stuff at that time, and Peppermint reminded me of the positive things I had in my life, and in some ways helped me to get a new focus on my life, a framework for a way of life.

Two of my favourite fashion-crafting friends, who blog at Naughty Shorts! and the textured leaf, have had their creations featured in Peppermint. Just goes to show what good taste those folk have.

The perfect setting for a session of minty delights... comfy bed, check, lots of pillows, check, vintage linen, check, natural light, check, and cup of tea (not pictured).

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